Home Audio & Video

Home Audio & Video

Warren Labs has what it takes to provide you with a great high-fidelity system. Sound is the foundation of everything we provide. Our love of sound started because we’re musicians too.

The product lines we carry have been chosen first and foremost for their sound quality. Sounding great is the first requirement for us but it doesn’t stop there. Design, craftsmanship and build quality are also carefully scruitinized to satisfy our own desires. If it doesn’t meet our expectations we won’t sell it. We support manufacturers who stand behind their products and take care of their customers. We never like it when we have problems with a product but electronics do go bad on occasion. It’s times like these when we have really learned the value of a well made piece of gear that can be serviced and not just replaced.

Value is what we look for in the components we carry. High Fidelity doesn’t have to be expensive, it needs to be fun and engaging. At times a simple iPod dock will get the job done. Other times call for a little more oomph. We’re sure we can help you find a solution appropriate for your home.


Building your own dream home takes a lot of creative thought. Let us help you plan ahead and get the appropriate wiring in place at the right time.

Warren Labs prewires homes and businesses running all necessary audio, video, and data cables. We use high quality cables, wiring and interconnects to insure quality and reliability for years to come.


Professional installation will last for years of enjoyment.


Gone are the days of needing a remote for each device. These days you can control your audio, video, lighting and security all from your mobile phone. Let us show you how.